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Brave in Boston

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


2019 is almost over. I’m sure you already knew that. It’s truly sinking in these last few days. I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve accomplished this year, as I’m sure you have too. I realized; I could describe this year as a year of Bravery. Would I describe myself as brave? No. If you gave me three words to describe me, they would be: witty, silly, and pretty. Brave? Not so much. However, getting up onstage to tell jokes? Apparently to most of society, that is considered Brave.

That’s correct. I’m a standup comic. I’m not the extroverted standup who goes up every night of the week, sometimes multiple times a night, and then karaoke after. I’m a little more introverted than that. That being said, going up at open mics and stand up shows poses no problem for me. When I decided to do standup, I had the initial stage fright but then I did it. I started going to open mics more regularly and then I was booked for more shows. Actually, as of the beginning of this year, I made it a resolution to do one standup show every month and on average- I have! My friends tell me how brave I am for going up onstage and telling jokes. I guess they’re right! It just doesn’t feel like that much of a leap for me. I mean, I feel accomplished for sticking to my standup goal this year but another resolution I had this year was going on a trip to Boston.

I flew to Boston. Alone. I have never had a solo trip outside of California and now I can say that I have. Boston. I remember walking through the Public Gardens from Charles Street and thinking, ‘Wow- I don’t know a single person here. I’m here completely alone.’ It was frightening and freeing all at once. Like sweet and sour. I walked and publicly transported myself everywhere! It was perfect. I visited Salem to toil and trouble with the witches and I also checked out the most gorgeous and colossal university in the world, Harvard. That is in comparison to Cal State LA, so, limited world view. Oh, and of course, I hollered “Norm!” at the local pub- Bull and Finch.

I hadn’t really thought about my being alone across the country until I hopped on the plane. I’ve been on a plane alone but always with the intention of meeting up with a friend or family at the destination. I still can’t really believe that I did it. I stayed four nights in a different state ALONE! Well, not completely alone because I was in an Airbnb with my host who was just delightful. Always check your Airbnb host reviews! It was actually comforting staying in a cozy, comfy room in a Somerville apartment. Somerville is an adorable town just minutes from Boston and I highly recommend staying there. Anyway, if you are single (or even if you’re not!), I would exceedingly extremely highly recommend doing a solo trip. Anywhere. I waded into the shallow end by doing a solo trip to Mammoth Lakes last year. I stayed with friends, though, so it wasn’t completely solo. Wading into the shallow end. This year, I dove! What a trip. I can’t wait to do another one.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. 

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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