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Finally ready for the public! I welcome you to please enjoy “The Industry” Teaser! 🎬

My team is hoping to film the full short—but we need your help! Our GoFundMe is live and accepting donations below. Thank you in advance for whatever you can give. We appreciate every little bit so much!

Link to teaser: "The Industry" Teaser

For credits & a slightly sappy story feel free to read below— 

Co-star: Yelizaveta Sorkin

Director: Leslie Lank

DP: Mike Monaghan

Boom op: Hector Mendez 


We filmed this teaser a little over a year ago and by the time it was ready for the public — I wasn’t. My world was scrambled and my time was constrained. I was dealing with loss, among other things. The interesting thing is- this story is about loss. Loss of love, of direction in life, of self… This story is so deeply important to me because it’s mine. Loosely based on one of the biggest turning points of my life — what led me to where I am now. It was one of the hardest times of my life but I couldn’t be more grateful. I hope you enjoy this teaser and now that my life is where it is—I can’t wait to start filming the pilot. #pilot #teaser #teaservideo #mybaby #industry 


Dedicated to Shad Lester 💜

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