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Oh hi! I'm Chelsea. I'm a writer and a comedian. I also act and produce. I've done improvising and sketch writing. I'm a jack of all trades. But who isn't? I started telling jokes a couple years ago but since the pandemic, I focused more on my baby. My pilot. I wrote a pilot where a young naïve server and her reckless best friend navigate the chaos of working and dating at a restaurant in Los Angeles. We began the filming process last year, so please check back for updates! In the meantime, take a gander at my personal blog, Medium articles, comedy reel, and pretty much anything else on here. If you like what you see,

let's create some comedy together and make some people laugh. 



Standup, Sketches, Silliness

Standup, Sketches, Silliness

Chelsea Standup Reel 2020

Sketch Comedy Reel 2020

Chelsea and the Giant Tinder Date

Chelsea Beller performs for the first time at Flappers Yoo Hoo Room