Hey, I’m

Chelsea Beller

Writer | Comedian | Actor

Mike Monaghan

About Me

Hey there! You're awesome for visiting my website. Let's get down to brass tacks. I am a writer, comedian, actor, improviser, blogger, former podcast co-host, barista by day and bartender by night (in my living room). Basically, I have the skills and I am here - for you. You need a script writer? I'm here. You need a standup for a spot? I'm here. You need to improvise your way out of a parking ticket? I'm here- but not guaranteeing anything. If you're interested in seeing my stuff (don't think dirty), I have a reel below and I have a personal blog tab up at the top of the page. Better yet, I started writing for Medium and you can find me there as well. Find me there, find me here. Just know know when you find me,

I'll be here. 

Let's create some comedy together and make some people laugh.