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Horror Babe Show

Hi babe! Welcome to the Horror Babe Show! 💀🎥✨


Ready to plunge into the chillingly dark realm of horror? 😱🗡


Don't be afraid... Come join our gothic host, Chelsea, alongside fellow horror enthusiasts (and the less-than-enthused) as they delve into all things horror: TOP picks in horror films, the absolute WORST ones, elements of the genre that send chills down our spines, and why we keep coming back for more... 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤💋


Enjoy this taunting little teaser and subscribe for more! ✨ ✨


Guests showcased in this teaser—

Mike Monaghan:  @MikesMonsters 

Adam Milicevic  @aCivicDilemma 

Katy Hansen @katykatyykaty (IG)


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🦇 Music by Karl Casey @WhiteBatAudio

👾 Media Production by Mike Monaghan @mikes.monsters

🧛🏻‍♀️ Created by Chelsea Beller @bellschels


🔥Embrace the darkness. Succumb to the strange. The Horror Babe Show awaits, daring you to join us…


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