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Comedy-Virus: television is our vaccine

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Everyone in the world is in a state of panic at the moment. We are all doing our parts by keeping to our homes as best we can. While we’re home… what are we up to? Washing our hands, yes. Taking our vitamins and supplements, yes. And? TV. SO MUCH TV. This is pure irony to me, because that is what I do regularly- virus or no virus.

My goal is to be a sitcom writer. I love sitcoms. I love to watch shows that make me laugh and just feel good. I want to be that show creator who brings a show into your living room that you can’t wait to put on. TV is something we all share. You can be new to your workplace or an event, and the moment you mention “That’s what she said,” “Could I be wearing any more clothes?,” “No soup for you!,” “Have you met Ted?” or countless other quotes from popular shows- you will fit right in. Everybody knows what you’re talking about. Right now, that’s what everybody is doing. We don’t have anything else to do, except -clean our homes top to bottom- and then watch our favorite episode of -insert your favorite tv show here-.

Lately, I’ve been questioning my career choice. I know, I’m 28 and I absolutely don’t need to decide that right now. However, when I’m not at work, I have to keep myself busy doing something. Idle hands and all that. The thing that makes me happiest is writing. I am in love with writing. Growing up I loved English classes, reading fiction and nonfiction, writing poetry when I was 12 years old… I love words.

Polonius: What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet: Words, words, words.

William Shakespeare

Ever so slightly more than that- I love making people laugh. I remember my greatest joy just as a kid was making my friends and family laugh. All I knew was that it brought me so much joy and I wanted to share that joy with everyone. I had lost that… but in the last few years, it’s come back. I began pursuing standup comedy, improv, and sitcom writing. I took a Second City spec writing class and I felt completely connected. I would gladly take the class again and again. So, I know deep in my heart and soul that writing and performing comedy is my passion. But- the entertainment industry is hard, you guys.

I have had jury duty in downtown LA the past two weeks, and allow me to be the first to say, traffic coming and going from downtown LA is AWFUL. Just that alone puts me in a state of absolutely hating Los Angeles. There’s too many people here! There’s too much litter everywhere! The homeless population is getting out of control! I thought, how badly do I want to be a sitcom writer? Do I have to live in LA? Maybe I could just move to a small Podunk town and live off the land. Maybe I should just move in with one of my parents and save money for a while. Maybe I should become a hermit. Because, why not? Why not give up on every dream I’ve ever had? What’s stopping me? Oh. The ever-present drive to write. Right. Why couldn’t I have had the ever-present drive to… do literally anything else. Anything that doesn’t require me to live in this smog-hole city. Living in this city -not just visiting this city- but actually living in it requires a great deal of strength. We tour around the massively gorgeous neighborhoods of mansions and walk by the glittering stores on Rodeo Drive, but we feel like we’ll never get there. We keep pursuing, anyway.

This is where I feel validated in my decision to pursue my dream. In dark times like these- where grocery stores are bare, hospital waiting rooms are filled past capacity, and families are making toilet paper forts concealing their infinite supply of toilet paper- entertainment is a necessity. It’s why Mrs. Maisel goes up to the mic every night and Barry joins an acting class. We need it to escape. We need it to feel like we have a purpose. I have a purpose.

When I decided to become a sitcom writer, I felt solidified. I felt like the universe was screaming, “FINALLY.” It blends both of my loves into one: tv and writing. I like to create worlds and live out dramatic fantasies. Sometimes life gets in the way, though. And sometimes, life gives you the coronavirus. Not me- don’t worry. But, sometimes you’re forced to stay in your home (because the world is going to heck) and you realize the dream you’ve always had is right there. I need to be a television writer/creator/showrunner (listen up, universe!) because television is what we come home to and where we feel comfortable.

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