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From Pod to Blog

Well, here we are. Hey there. I'm Chelsea and today's guest- nope! That's the thing I used to say. You see, I used to have a podcast. "City of Singles". Have you heard of it? I'm honestly asking. Hey man, I know your grandma has a podcast and it's awesome and she has tons of followers, and like, bully for her because that sh*t is HARD. Having a podcast is hard! I would set up interviews, hold interviews, edit episodes, and upload episodes every. single. week. Then, every other week. But that was still hard!

Look, I know what you're thinking. Yeah, Chels, things are hard. Welcome to life. But you know what's great about things? You can quit. You can quit any time you want. Is something not "serving you"? (The big question everybody's asking.) Do you think this candle is serving me right now? The thing is I loved doing the podcast but I'm working on a career in writing. Oh, the thing I'm doing right now. Wow. Look at me go. I'm already doing it. I'm amazing.

But back to the podcast for a second. The reason I started the podcast was because I wanted to know: What is it about dating in LA? What is it? That's an honest question, too. Does your grandma have a boyfriend? Does she live in LA? Well, what the hell is her secret??

I'm kidding. You and I both know your grandma is sexy as hell and she doesn't need a "secret". Well, I wanted a podcast to get to know all of my friends' and acquaintances' opinions about dating here in LA. It's a little different than other places. There's more to it. On one podcast episode, an interviewee talked about hooking up with a celebrity. That's fairly LA-specific, no? Or, the casual hook up scene? I know it's everywhere but I feel like it's a disease here. A plague. Everyone's done it, is doing it, wants to be doing it, is breaking up with their boyfriend right now to go do it. It's a thing. Or, ghosting? It is incredibly easy to ghost in LA! LA is huge! They can disappear right into traffic.

What I'm saying is, I had a podcast about dating/singledom/relationships and now I have a blog... about those things. Listen, it's not complicated. And I am definitely no relationship guru. Though my friends do call me that... I'm just here to mull it over with you all. Will you talk about dating in LA with me? Or just friggin being single?! Being single is a kick in the pants! I can walk around... without pants. What a life. Well, hey, let's talk about it.

Hi! I'm Chelsea and this is my face. I can already tell this is the start of a beautiful blogship.

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